This past summer I’ve been training hard to further improve my physical fitness. And it’s also important that I put on several kilos over the summer months, as I’ll need them once the season gets started. In addition to wanting to be as strong and as fit as possible for the new season, I can ski down the mountain faster if I’m heavier. But perhaps even more importantly, I’m less likely to break any bones if my body’s covered with a thicker layer of muscle. That’s why I call my shoulders my airbags. And I always lose several kilos during the winter months. So, I spent a lot of time in the gym this summer!

Since August, we’ve been training back in the snow. For the first training camp we always go to Saas-Fee, in the Swiss Alps near the Italian border. I love coming to this fabulous glacier. It’s one of the best we still have in the Alps. And certainly, one of the most stunning!

In August and September, we started by training the technical aspects of my skiing: the slalom and the giant slalom. These are the disciplines I always find harder than the speed elements. I’m really pleased with the progress I’ve made during the past few weeks and can’t wait for the first World Cup races to start.

Getting faster
Autumn is already upon us and winter is approaching. At the moment, I’m back in Saas-Fee and we’re about to start training the speed elements for the first time this season. This is where I always get my best results. I’m getting faster and I’m hoping to keep on improving my speed.