The skiing season has been over for a while now. After a short break, we’re training hard again. The Dutch selection has also been evaluating the past two years. And of course, we’ve been discussing our aims for the coming period. First, in the coming winter, there’s the World Championship. That’s a really important goal and my main focus for now. But in the short term, there are also physical goals, too. Like building up my strength and increasing my weight. A few additional kilos at the start of the season would be really beneficial. When we train intensively on the glaciers, it’s always difficult to keep my weight up.

We’re now back training at Papendal. Part of the day is spent working on weight training and the rest of the time on my stamina or balance. Sometimes, we also do more sports-related training sessions. These are where we practice a sport that can be compared to our own, and which challenges us when it comes to balance, like in the sit-ski. Starting this summer, I’m also practicing wakeboarding and longboarding. In both sports, my sitting position is the same as skiing, and the way I have to control using my body is similar, too. My sitting balance is extremely important. I don’t have abdominal muscles nor lower back muscles. This makes it very difficult to keep my balance. Something that’s extremely important for sit- skiing. Wakeboarding and particularly longboarding challenge me to work hard on my sitting balance during summer. This way, I hope to improve my balance even though I’m not skiing.

Since being given a Mellow drive from Mellow boards, I’ve completely got the hang of longboarding. Mellow Boards saw what the Mellow drive could do for me and wanted to help me with my summer training programme. The makers of electronic skateboards have helped me in a big way. I really enjoy being able to extend my training this way, and I know this will really help during the coming winter in my sit-ski. It’s going to be a great summer!